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Winteco Corporation, Korea - Tank Manufacturing

WIN-TECO CORPORATION was founded in 2002 by specialists in field of the storage tank who all of members had worked for Tank Division of Samsung Heavy Industries for over 20 years.

WIN-TECO CORPORATION is one of the leading companies in the world executing the turn key base project of storage tank from engineering to construction for worldwide customers in a number of industrial fields. And, the company is continuously aiming to satisfy the customer’s various requirements for better safety, quality & cost by developed the technologies, and to return back all benefits to customer.

WIN-TECO CORPORATION has qualified and experienced engineers, softwares and data available in field of the storage tank, and has a capability of global outsourcing for material / resources through our worldwide business network.

WIN-TECO CORPORATION was selected as a venture company from Government and registered on patent for Computer Integrated Engineering Solution called “ Tank Master 2.0” specialized software in field of the storage tank including cryogenic tank. Through various successful performances and customer’s satisfaction, WINTECO would promise to create the value of best technology and meet customer’s requirements and needs certainly.

Product Spectrum

We provide a complete package of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)
services of storage tanks including cryogenic and high pressure spherical tank for
worldwide customers in a number of industries which are Oil and Gas processing
plant, Petrochemical and Chemical process plant, Power regeneration plant, etc.


Atmospheric & Low Pressure Storage Tank

Cone Roof Tank
Dome Roof Tank
Internal Floating Roof Tank
Single Deck Floating Roof Tank
Double Deck Floating Roof Tank

High Pressure Storage Tank

Spherical Tank

Cryogenic Storage Tank

Single Containment
Double Containment
Full Containment

LNG Storage Tank

Double Shell With Pc Wall
Double Shell With 9% Ni Steel