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Electromechanical Services

We specialize in the following fields:

  • Power system Installation works. (Medium, High & Extra High Voltage T/L)
  • Substation and Grid system equipment, erection, testing & commissioning.
  • Replacement of E/W with OPGW on existing medium & High Voltage lines
  • Power House Erection works.
  • Electro Mechanical Installation and maintenance works of Commercial & residential complex, community centre, sport complex etc.
  • Design & procurement of T/L material Telecom towers Aircraft warning lights.

Fields of Experience:

Our well qualified Engineers and Manpower have vast experience in the execution of
projects especially the following:

  • Sub-Stations
  • Installation of Fibre Optical Cable
  • Electrical distribution System
  • External & Internal Electrification
  • Street Lightening
  • Electrification of Multi-storey Complexes, Industrial & commercial Buildings.
  • Air Conditioning
  • Installation of Fire Alarming and Fire extinguishing systems.
  • XLPE Power cables 11KV, 33KV and 132KV.
  • Installation of CCTV network.
  • Self Supported Radio (SSR) towers.
  • Guyed Masts

Automation & Instrumentation


Our Scope of Supply of Systems and Services cover the following;

  • Automatic Control & Monitoring DCS, SCADA, PLC, ESD
  • Information Technology; MIS, MES
  • Revamping and Upgrade
  • Communication
  • Testing & Commissioning Services
  • Discount PLS, DCS, Software


We provide the equipment and services. Some of the services provided by us are;

  • Engineering and Sizing
  • Hook-up and termination drawings.
  • Supply & Installation.
  • Calibration
  • Training


Civil Constructions

Premier has strong experience and capabilities in providing planning, scheduling, design and constructability review, construction cost estimation, contract administration and on-site construction management and inspection services.

Dependent on the client’s specific project and requirements, Premier Construction Co. can assemble a team, including other specialized and minority business enterprise firms, to assist in performing professional construction management services. Premier’s experience, capabilities and ability to provide immediate response and evaluation along with solutions to problems while always maintaining the client’s best interest, ensures timely and cost-effective completion of projects. Through its team-building resources, Premier can also provide design-build services to complete projects on time and within budget.

Premier has the technical and managerial expertise to address all phases of a project and is prepared to take full responsibility for all aspects of a client’s project. The success of a project will be the measure of our success.


Material Handling System

Quality derives from a combination of contributing factors which include experience gained over the years and continuity offered to new ideas.

Ariostea produce systems for the industrial handling of powders and granules, they play a leading role in an emerging engineering technology that meets the requirements of industrial processes by developing new ways of producing products.

An Ariostea handling system is the intelligent answer to the increasing demands of modern production processes.


Tank Manufacturing

Premier Construction Co. is in the business of Tank Manufacturing with her Korean associate WIN-TECO CORPORATION. Premier Construction Co. New Tank Construction Services include the construction of field erected storage tanks to various design standards and specifications, such as API, AWWA and specialty design.  In addition to the actual tank construction, this Group provides full design and engineering, consultancy, civil and mechanical, painting, and other related tank services.

We provide a complete package of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC)
services of storage tanks including cryogenic and high pressure spherical tank for
worldwide customers in a number of industries which are Oil and Gas processing
plant, Petrochemical and Chemical process plant, Power regeneration plant, etc.

Atmospheric & Low Pressure Storage Tank

  • Cone Roof Tank
  • Dome Roof Tank
  • Internal Floating Roof Tank
  • Single Deck Floating Roof Tank
  • Double Deck Floating Roof Tank

High Pressure Storage Tank

  • Spherical Tank

Cryogenic Storage Tank

  • Single Containment
  • Double Containment
  • Full Containment

LNG Storage Tank

  • Double Shell With Pc Wall
  • Double Shell With 9% Ni Steel


Industrial Power Services

PREMIER provides equipment and service for control and monitoring system, instrumentation and Electrical Power Distribution systems to the industrial and utility facilities in collaboration with UIPS.

Premier can provide engineering, installation and testing and commissioning services for the instrumentation and control power distribution projects. We can supply all kind of electrical equipment like Control Panels and Power Distribution switchgear, Power and Control Cables with accessories, Transformers, PLC, Field Instruments, SCADA and DCS,  DC systems, UPS and Generators.


Information & Communication Technology

The most reliable business partner for the companies towards Ubiquitous world. PREMIER & PIVOTEC, Ubiquitous enablers, will lead to the new paradigm of Information Technology

As equal to the industrial revolution in 18th century, digital revolution introduced by internet influenced different industries Also changes corresponding to the digital code have been required in the field of politics, economy, society, as well as culture and sports As a result, it made things possible for interactive communication with anybody in anywhere with no restriction of time, space or distance.

However, the digital revolution is facing to the new phase, ubiquitous Revolution Ubiquitous network makes possible connection to computer networking environment wherever, whenever, Now, over convergence between technologies, Ubiquitous network that has been developed through the studies on convergence between human and technology will change our daily lives in the future.

As one of the utmost service provider, We have been providing total ICT (Information & Communication Technology) services is born again as an advanced company who keeps in step with Ubiquitous age.

IT consulting, which upgrades the quality and promotes efficiency in system management, developing and providing digital convergence solution for business development of next generation and IT outsourcing services are the most strong and valuable assets of Ubiquitous enabler.

We will be the most reliable business partner for the companies towards Ubiquitous world.
We will lead to the new paradigm of information Technology.


Pilling Work- Bok Pilling

Premier and Bok’s performances, an eventful and in some way competitive years are a source of satisfaction to us. In this environment, only the fittest companies will prosper - those with thoughtful and long-range strategies, those at the leading edge of their technologies, those that are the most efficient, market-driven and customer-focused. We are pleased with our overall success and we look to the future with confidence.

At Premier and Bok Piling, we seek to attract the very best professionals to staff our businesses and then utilize our capabilities to leverage their skills. Our managers and staff members are achievers, trained to manage by objectives and continually challenged to meet specific goals. This tradition, built up over many years, has been transferred from one generation of management to the next.