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Information & Communication Technology - PIVOTEC

bmsThe most reliable business partner for the companies towards Ubiquitous world. PREMIER & PIVOTEC, Ubiquitous enablers, will lead to the new paradigm of Information Technology

As equal to the industrial revolution in 18th century, digital revolution introduced by internet influenced different industries Also changes corresponding to the digital code have been required in the field of politics, economy, society, as well as culture and sports As a result, it made things possible for interactive communication with anybody in anywhere with no restriction of time, space or distance.

However, the digital revolution is facing to the new phase, ubiquitous Revolution Ubiquitous network makes possible connection to computer networking environment wherever, whenever, Now, over convergence between technologies, Ubiquitous network that has been developed through the studies on convergence between human and technology will change our daily lives in the future.

As one of the utmost service provider, We have been providing total ICT (Information & Communication Technology) services is born again as an advanced company who keeps in step with Ubiquitous age.

IT consulting, which upgrades the quality and promotes efficiency in system management, developing and providing digital convergence solution for business development of next generation and IT outsourcing services are the most strong and valuable assets of Ubiquitous enabler.

We will be the most reliable business partner for the companies towards Ubiquitous world.
We will lead to the new paradigm of information Technology.

Product Ranges

VoIP Quality Monitoring Solution

Car Park Management System
Vehicle Tracking System
Web Conferencing
Motion Detection
e-Learning Products
Boradcastind and Multimedia Networks
Access Control Management System