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Pilling Work- Bok Pilling

Premier and Bok’s performances, an eventful and in some way competitive years are a source of satisfaction to us. In this environment, only the fittest companies will prosper - those with thoughtful and long-range strategies, those at the leading edge of their technologies, those that are the most efficient, market-driven and customer-focused. We are pleased with our overall success and we look to the future with confidence.

At Premier and Bok Piling, we seek to attract the very best professionals to staff our businesses and then utilize our capabilities to leverage their skills. Our managers and staff members are achievers, trained to manage by objectives and continually challenged to meet specific goals. This tradition, built up over many years, has been transferred from one generation of management to the next.

In our approach to the piling and foundation business, we have always emphasized careful risk selection, professionalism and skill to produce satisfactory results - to Premier and Bok Piling, and perhaps most importantly, to our customers. We will continue to follow this strategy that has served us well in the past and we are proud that our results over the years have proved its soundness.

On behalf of our colleagues in management and the Board of Directors, we wish to thank all Premier and Bok Piling employees for their hard work and support during this past year. They have produces the results that give us a profile unlike that of any other piling and foundation contractor, and we are confident they will help us realize our goals in the years ahead.


Bok & PREMIER are committed to being a leading high quality pilling and foundation contractor