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Pivotec - Parking Guidance System


Where to park?

Direction of the nearest parking space is instructed. The ultra sonic wave is used for sensing the presence of vehicle and parking space available.

Parking Locator

The parking locator helps to find the exact place where parked.

Software Application for automatic guidance parking systems

This system application is integrated with Ubiquitous.
It helps to monitor and collect data related to vehicles.

Flexible Software Technology for optimized system

Non-Stop System by RF

  • Non-Stop Pass System is designed for season parkers and commonly used at full-sized parking facilities such as hospitals, public offices, universities etc.
  • This system is especially appreciated when it is raining or during rush hours.
  • This is an automated PC-based system. All data is displayed on the monitor and it allows a manager to check all process at a glance.

License Plate Number and Container Code Recognition System

  • Parkman LPR is designed for parking access control and security control.
  • Parkman LPR is integrated with parking equipments. It provides function of printing license number on parking ticket .
  • CCR offers fast and safe management of port facility. This system is integrated with LPR system.

Software Application

  • Stable improvement
  • High-technology compatibility
  • Design for tomorrow
  • Versatile system
  • Speedy application to user’s requirements

Ticket Dispensers

Ticket dispenser is determined by ticket type. One is Visual Card Dispenser. This parking card is reusable almost 10000 times and Visual means all the important information of the parking is visible on the visual window of parking card. This system helps to save the environment.

The other is Magnetic Paper Ticket Dispenser. It is featured as having low maintenance cost , user friendly and reliable operation to the parking management. It is designed to meet the demands of various customers.

  • Stand-alone operation
  • Control on real time
  • Voice announcement and display on VFD
  • Easy for user to operate
  • Weather proof
  • CE

Payment options by modules

  • Payment by Credit card or Debit card
  • Flexible integration with other companies’ equipments
  • Remote control and monitor
  • Several colors


Automatic Gate Barriers

Automatic Barrier Gate offers a superior combination of best design and function of parking control.

The gate can be activated by a variety of control devices, including card readers, fee computers, ticket dispensers, vehicle detectors with buried inductance loops.

Safe compatibility

  • Optimum design and function for controlling vehicle
  • Breakage recognition for the barrier arm
  • Power coat finished stainless steel housing
  • Optional folding barrier arm according to height areas
  • Protect from shaking barrier arm


Automatic Pay Station (Pay on Foot)

APS offers you an efficient management at the central parking facility. User-friendly feature is designed to instruct for prompt processing. It provides you a wide range of payment options.

  • 32bit Embedded Linux board controller
  • Protect data against power failure
  • Optimum function based on modular components
  • Advanced self-diagnostic processor
  • Speedy operation by user-friendliness
  • Secure locking system

Pay & Display / Pay by Space

New World-Wide Range Technology system

To counter the constant change and rapid growth in parking related problems in cities, colleges & universities throughout the world, our P&D is launched. They provide revenue audit trails and are a tremendous labor saving devices because one machine can cover several parking spaces.

P&D has been designed to withstand all types of vandalism, and attempted theft of the cash contents.

  • Sleek Aesthetic Design
  • Customer-oriented System
  • Flexible & Smart Functionality
  • Highly sophisticated Parking meter
  • High Security Multi-Point Locking System
  • High Security Reinforced 4 Gauge Cabinet
  • Networking(RS485/CDMA/GSM/GPRS)
  • Snap-in for easy services