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AeroGo - Load Moving Equipment

Load Moving Systems are perfect for the movement of massive load from assembly to shipping, for plant startups or relocation, or for the repair of large equipment such as heat exchangers and transformers. Use them for jacking and rotating assemblies, precisely aligning machines over footings, moving modules, and rearranging entire production lines. Load Module Systems features rugged Aero-Caster air bearings, color-coded hoses and a compact, easy to use control console.

Load Moving System

Air Caster Technology

Easily move 500 lbs to 5,000 Tons

  • Creative Solutions
  • Custom Engineered
  • Heavy and delicate loads
  • Manufactured to your specifications

Air Caster equipment uses a variety of Aero-Casters® to literally float heavy loads on a virtually frictionless film of air. Air casters provide a clean, quiet and safe alternative to moving heavy loads.

Reduced friction and omni-directional movement allow the operator to precisely place and align the load in a limited work space. The low profile of the air caster Load Module requires less than 3-inch (76mm) clearance. Air casters will not damage floors and expensive reinforcement is usually not necessary.

Because of basic pneumatic components such as air regulators and hoses, these products are not only reliable, but will operate in most environments.