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Automation & Instrumentation



Our Scope of Supply of Systems and Services cover the following;

  • Automatic Control & Monitoring DCS, SCADA, PLC, ESD
  • Information Technology; MIS, MES
  • Revamping and Upgrade
  • Communication
  • Testing & Commissioning Services
  • Discount PLS, DCS, Software

AutomationAutomatic Control & Monitoring Systems We provide turnkey solutions for SCADA, DCS, PLC, ESD and Fail Safe Systems. Totally Integrated Solutions are provided covering level 1 to level 3 of automation. We propose vendor independent, tailor made solutions optimally meeting the
technical & financial targets of the client. The services cover engineering, supply, installation and testing/ commission of the automation systems. All the services are performed in house and in close interaction with the client’s technical staff. We offer various tiers of automation designed to fit the needs and requirements of the project, competitively, reliably and efficiently.

The following services are provided;

  • Feasibility study for upgrading the automation system of the existing plant or its extension
  • Development of the plant data base, technical specification and configuration diagrams,
  • Data Intake from the Process Specifications or from the existing plant and its verification
  • Development of FDS, Equipment lists and Instrumentation lists
  • Hard ware engineering:
    • Preparation of panel diagrams,
    • Wiring diagrams,
    • Hook up diagrams,
    • Loop diagrams,
    • Interconnection diagrams,
    • Cable layout & lists etc.
  • Software Engineering:
    • Generation of Logics from FDS,
    • User program,
    • Assignment lists,
    • HMI Mimic diagrams.
  • Documentation:
    • Hardware submittals,
    • Test Reports
    • Installation and Testing & Commissioning procedures,
    • Operation manuals,
    • As built drawings
    • Operation Manuals
  • Supply of the complete automation equipment like the DCS, PLCs, RTUs and
    SCADA systems of the well reputable brands.
  • Supply of the auxiliaries, like cables, power distribution systems and installation
  • Supply of completely wired and tested control panels
  • Project & Site Management
  • Installation: Complete Installation of;
    • The automation equipment,
    • Field devices,
    • Cable laying and terminations
    • Power distribution systems.


We provide the equipment and services. Some of the services provided by us are;

  • instrumentation Engineering and Sizing
  • Hook-up and termination drawings.
  • Supply & Installation.
  • Calibration
  • Training

We have a wide range of vendors to choose from. The instruments and the brands are selected in accordance with the client’s preferred vendor and application requirements.