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Electromechanical Services

We specialize in the following fields:

  • Power system Installation works. (Medium, High & Extra High Voltage T/L)
  • Substation and Grid system equipment, erection, testing & commissioning.
  • Replacement of E/W with OPGW on existing medium & High Voltage lines
  • Power House Erection works.
  • Electro Mechanical Installation and maintenance works of Commercial & residential complex, community centre, sport complex etc.
  • Design & procurement of T/L material Telecom towers Aircraft warning lights.

Fields of Experience:

Our well qualified Engineers and Manpower have vast experience in the execution of
projects especially the following:

  • Sub-Stations
  • Installation of Fibre Optical Cable
  • Electrical distribution System
  • External & Internal Electrification
  • Street Lightening
  • Electrification of Multi-storey Complexes, Industrial & commercial Buildings.
  • Air Conditioning
  • Installation of Fire Alarming and Fire extinguishing systems.
  • XLPE Power cables 11KV, 33KV and 132KV.
  • Installation of CCTV network.
  • Self Supported Radio (SSR) towers.
  • Guyed Masts

Specialized Activities



  • Layout of sub-stations
  • Concreting of Foundations
  • Installation of Pipes
  • Erection of Gantries
  • Installation of Power transformers
  • Installation of Switchgear and protection system,
  • Installation of GIS type switchgear and protection system.
  • Testing & commissioning


  • Installation of telecommunication equipment
  • Erection and painting of self supported Radio(SSR) towers.
  • Erection and painting of Guyed Masts.
  • Installation of Wave Guides, Antennas and orientation.
  • Installation of Air Craft warning lights.

Electrification of Multi-storey Complexes, Industrial & Commercial Buildings and Housing Schemes

  • Design of Complete Electrical System
  • Installation of complete electrical system
  • Installation of fire alarm and fire extinguishing system
  • Installation of CCTV systems
  • Installation, Testing and commissioning of stand-by generators.
  • Testing & commissioning of all electrical

XLPE Power Cables

  • Design, Survey and profiling
  • Laying of XLPE Power Cables for all voltages 11KV, 33KV, 132KV.
  • Sheath Test
  • Cable jointing, indoor & outdoor terminations.
  • HV DC Testing of cables
  • Testing & Commissioning.


Fibre Optical Cables

  • Design survey & profiling
  • Laying of Fibre Optical cables
  • Installation of OPGW
  • Splicing, Terminations
  • Testing & Commissioning.


External & Internal Electrification, Street Lights

  • Survey and design of electrical Systems
  • Preparations of Drawings & profiles
  • Installations of overhead line, conductors or underground cable.
  • Installation of cables for internal electrification in trenches, ducts, etc
  • Installation of MCB , MCCB protection system
  • DBS & Panels
  • Instrumentation